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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Featured Products

I'm sure many of you have seen the Holiday cards I create out of the dogs I have photographed. Well, many of you have asked if I can use your own pet in my designs, even though I have not photographed them...because you live far from me. The answer is yes, if you can provide me with a high resolution photo (2000 pixels+) head shot of your pet. It would be best if they are looking into the camera and no parts of the head are cut off. I am happy to lift your pet out of your photo and insert it into my designs. For a limited time, I will offer this service at no cost to you. Your only cost would be if you chose to purchase a card or another product.

Please feel free to email me your photo by clicking on the contact navigation button above...or any questions you may have.

To give you a few ideas... here are some of the designs I offer!



MOTHER'S DAY - This is also available in a Happy Birthday and Thank You version.

FATHER'S DAY - This is also available in a Happy Birthday and Thank You version.




Oh BTW, if you are a Pug owner and have a high resolution picture of your own pug in a similar pose as the one on this card....I can add your Pug to this card! This is also available for Sweetest Day

See products at*

Our beautiful collection of Fourth of July cards comes in Greeting Cards as well as Postcards. We offer coordinating postage stamps as well as mugs, t-shirts, etc.

July 4th Firecracker - Dachshund card

Here are a few of the different breeds I offer in this design…
July 4th Firecracker - Pitbull cardJuly 4th Firecracker Sheltie cardJuly 4th Firecracker - Golden Retriever cardJuly 4th Firecracker - English Springer Spaniel cardJuly 4th Firecracker Cairn Terrier Lt Teddy Bear cardJuly 4th Firecracker - French Bulldog card

And…of course there is the matching postage stamps….
July 4th Firecracker - Pitbull stampJuly 4th Firecracker - Chihuahua stampJuly 4th Firecracker - Boxer stamp

And the many other gifts that are available….
July 4th Firecracker - German Shepherd tieJuly 4th Firecracker - Lowchen shirtJuly 4th Firecracker - Shiba Inus mugJuly 4th Firecracker - Siberian Husky mugJuly 4th Firecracker - Collie hatJuly 4th Firecracker - Red Doberman mousepadJuly 4t Firecracker - Australian Shepherd shirtJuly 4th Firecracker - Pug buttonJuly 4th Firecracker - Australian Kelpie bagJuly 4th Firecracker - Pitbull apronJuly 4th Firecracker - Black Labrador stickerJuly 4th Firecracker - ShihPoo keychain

I have also made this design into a blank that you can upload your own photo into! It’s available not just as a card, but also all the other products as well. If you have trouble uploading or have a picture that you you like me to customize and place into this design, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

July 4th Firecracker - YOUR PHOTO Inserted card

I’ve even created matching shoes!

Stars N Stripes kedsshoe

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