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Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Grade Dog Show Hosted by Mrs. Peterson

Today Sheeba and I attended our son Frank's grade school for a dog show hosted by 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Peterson. Pet awareness is taught by Mrs. Peterson along with her own Sheltie that she brings to class every Thursday. Her shelties are trained by her and are shown in agility competitions.

Before the show each child in her class did a report on a breed of dog that they chose. So they were more than excited for all the dogs that showed up for today.

First up was a demonstration from the local Police department. They brought along Lucy who is herself a K-9 police officer. I believe you can see her badge in the photo. She demonstrated along with her human partner, her abilities to sniff out drugs and what she does when she finds them. The children loved her and were amazed at how accurate she was.

Then Mrs. Peterson delighted the children by bringing them all out onto the field and using their own bodies as an agility course. This is one of Mrs. Peteson's Shelties.

One of the bigger dogs on display...a gorgeous St Bernard.

Then there was this little cutie, a Ruby colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Reba. Perfect name...doncha think?

Here's Mrs. Peterson's other Sheltie who demonstrated how she can put her scent on a numbered toy....looked like a little dumbell....and then this Sheltie can pick out the right number when scattered among a whole group of similar looking toys.

Once again, this Sheltie shows off her agility.

How about this Gordon Setter...? Beautiful....

Now comes the Irish Setter.

And a handsome German Shepard.

This puppy Papillon is Mrs. Peterson's newest member of the family and she came to show off what she can do after just a couple weeks of training.

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