Friday, February 26, 2010

St Patrick's Day - My Boxer - Corgi - Doxie - Golden is Me Lucky Charm!

My St. Patrick's Day designs have really been making a much so...I've made the design using a few other dogs that I have had the pleasure of photographing.

This is Vindy a mother Boxer, that I photographed last July 4th with her 8 week old puppies.

Meet Owen an adorable Corgi I met at the Meyer Landscape Dog Days of Summer.

And this is Abby a dachshund full of personality.

And then there's Mickey...our Golden Retriever neighbor.

Once again, I've created products at both my Zazzle store and my CafePress store. I have also started up my items on Printfection.

To see these designs click on the link for the store you'd like to visit...then...
  • Look for the right side navigation
  • Click on Holidays
  • It will open up to reveal all holidays
  • Then click on St Patrick's Day
  • It will open up to reveal all St Patrick's Day designs
  • Click on the Lucky Charm dog that you want to look at.
Each store has it own set of unique on over and browse.

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