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Monday, July 21, 2014

Dachshund Club of Carmel 11th Annual Wienie Roast 2014

July 20th, 2014 brought a sun shiny day and over 100 Dachshunds to Carmel Beach located at 13th and Scenic Road. The gathering was for the Dachshund Club of Carmel's 11th Annual Wienie Roast.

With hundreds of Doxies running around and enjoying all the beach has to offer, I was there to photograph the event. All nations of Dachshunds were represented from reds, blacks, black and tans, creams, dapples, piebalds, brindles, smooth, long hair and wire hair. We had the Wiener Mobile present for photo opportunities.

Carmel is the most dog-friendly city in California and loves ALL dogs!

Click here to see the entire photoshoot from the day.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Renae Wins 1st Place in Espree Animal Products Valentine's Day Photo Contest

I am so excited to announce that I won 1st place in the Espree Animal Products Valentine's Day Photo Contest found on their Espree Animal Products FaceBook page.

This is the photo that I entered:

And here I am with the prize package that they sent me:

I can't wait to try out all these wonderful products.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Testimonial for Custom Request for Tree Walker Coonhound to be put on Bar Mitzvah Tie

Sometimes, I get special requests from people that do not live anywhere near me. They see my dog themed designs on Zazzle and wonder if I can put their own pet into my designs. So even though I did not photograph their pet/s, with a few instructions, I can work with photos they supply to me. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to customize a design for you.

I LOVE getting special requests and am so honored to have created the following for a young man's most special day - his Bar Mitzvah. Rebecca, the young man's mother, asked if I could place their two dogs into my Star of David design so that bother her son and her husband could wear them on that day.

Rebecca supplied me with several high resolution photos for which we picked two of the best ones. With the help of my digital darkroom magic, I was able to extract the dogs from the photos supplied, do a little image correction and placed them into my design.

These are the original photos supplied to me.

From Rebecca G.

Please, use anything I have said for your testimonials. I was not just pleased with your work, I was excited. Planning a bar mitzvah is very stressful. You want everything to go smoothly. I was not sure what was going to happen when I emailed you through zazzle to see if you would be able to put our hounds on ties for my son and husband for my sons bar mitzvah. I told my son, be prepared to pick another tie out, however, he did not have to settle. You returned my email immediately, told us what we needed to do on our end with very clear step by step instructions. The best part, as if all your email help was not enough, you called me to discuss the pictures and ties, what a great personal touch for your customers.

We are thrilled with your work. The ties we have just ordered are perfect. I love that you took the time to hear our wants and that you were able to create something that my son cannot wait to use on his very special day.

I will definitely send you a picture when we get the ties. I will call it a early dress rehearsal. It will be a great way to make sure everything fits.

Rebecca G. - Roswell, Georgia

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Dog Portraits at Teagarden Pet Salon

With Valentine's Day just a couple weeks away, I've already started photographing the beautiful dogs after their pampering at Teagarden Pet Salon. New for this year I have a gradient heart backdrop with heart shaped props and red roses. I love the red rhinestone bow tie that I found for the boy dogs.

There is still time for you to schedule a photo session for your pet. Consider having your pet groomed first by one of the talented Pet Stylists at Teagarden Pet Salon and then I can photograph right afterwards. Call for your appointment today!

Your session will include your choice of either an 8x10 or 2-5x7s (one pose). I will also place your photo onto about 200 gift items that you can access anytime you would like to fulfill your gift needs.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014


I don't know about you, ... but I think the New Audi SuperBowl commercial is fabulously funny! I love the fact that it pokes fun of mixing breeds to make "designer breeds" that just don't make sense. I also love the fact that it promotes adopting a pet from a rescue center. But, I also couldn't resist making a T-shirt for it. Therefore, I give you "My Other Dog is a DoberHuaHua".



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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Valentines Dog Breeds Silhouette Hearts Design 2014

New for 2014 is a new Valentine's Day design I just completed called Silhouette Hearts. I took many of the dogs I have photographed and created silhouettes of them and then placed then on a Pink Gradient Heart background.

Valentines Dog Breed Silhouette Hearts

Here is a list of Dog Breeds that are available in this design. But, please remember if you don't see your favorite dog breed or would like your own dog in this design, just contact me and I will tell you how easy it is to make it happen.

One of my favorite products from Zazzle in this design is the "Throwpillow" Sure to catch anyone's eye with the silhouette of their favorite dog breed on both front and back. Keep in mind if you have two dogs, I can create this pillow for you with your choice of two different dog breeds or your own dogs if you would like.
Valentines Throwpillows
The clothing is great for every member of the family. From neckties to kidswear to hoodies for everyone will enjoy the feel of the fabrics used in these items. With Zazzle, you can find the design you want and them change the clothing item to the one that suits you best.

Valentine Silhouette Clothing

And while you are there, don't forget to check out some of the newest products that have been released by Zazzle, such as wrapping paper, watches that you can change colors on and lamps.
Valentines Silhoutte Home Items

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

RIACC Open House 2013 hosted by QC Paws Pics with Santa

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 brought out all the Reindogs to the Rock Island Animal Care and Control Center's Open House that was hosted by QC Paws. With a constant flow of dogs and pets, I was constantly busy photographing all the dogs with our fabulous Santa Claus. There were also games for the kids and wonderful gift baskets that were raffled off along with lots and lots of treats and cookies.

I am also happy to say that today there were 3 dogs and 16 cats adopted. RIACC is still looking to fill its very large stocking with donations for things the shelter needs. Feel free to call the shelter at 309-558-DOGS (3647) and drop off your donations at 4001 78th Ave, Moline, IL 60125.

To see the entire photo shoot, feel free to view my photo gallery.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

NEW Hanukkah Dog Design Added to My Holiday Gifts and Cards

One thing that was brought to my attention last year was the lack of Hanukkah designs available using a dog theme. It was my mission to come up with a fun holiday design using lovable dogs to help celebrate the festivities. Using the Star of David to center the design, I was able to fit my dog portraits into it. To add a little fun, I placed a matching Yamaka on each of the dogs. This whimsical holiday design will be sure to delight your friends and family as well as other animal lovers.

This happens to be Reagan a Vizsla, that I photographed at Teagarden Pet Salon after her grooming.

So many new products have been added to Zazzle, such as these leggings:

And all kinds of watches: ... this is only one style:

And of course, our whole selection of Holiday Greeting Cards.

Here is a complete list of Hanukkah Dog Breeds available. If you don't see your favorite dog breed, just contact me and I will see what I can do to add it to the collection. I also may be able to put your own pet into my design. Contact me for details.

There is also a version that you can upload your own photo into.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Teagarden Pet Salon and Say Woof! by Frankz Paw Printz Take 1st and 2nd Place in the QC Times Readers Choice Awards 2013

It's OFFICIAL! Say Woof! by Frankz Paw Printz has won 2nd Place in the QC Times Reader's Choice Awards for 2013.

I am totally happy with 2nd Place as there were 59 entries in the BEST PET SERVICES group which were made up of Grooming Salons, Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Dog Bakeries, Boarding Kennels and Doggy Waste Services. But the BEST is that the Grooming Salon where I greet you every Monday through Friday Teagarden Pet Salon and School WON 1st PLACE! This is also where I have a photography studio at. So, after you have your pet groomed at Teagarden, I am able to take your pet's portrait. SO, together, we took the top two positions in this Quad City favorites contest!

Pick up today's Sunday QC Times and get your copy of The Answer Book - Your resource guide to the Quad-Cities. In there you will not only see our achievements, but you be able to have a list of all the Quad City Reader's Choice Winners for 2013.

You'll also find our ads in The Answer Book:

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mia - a Bichon Frise 2014 calendar

I was lucky enough to meet Mia in 2012. Mia, an adorable Bichon Frise with her extensive wardrobe became my most photographed model. Each time I got a new background or Mia got a new outfit, her wonderful owner Lynne, made it a point to get together with me for a photo session. With the variety of poses and a little creative photoshop, I put a calendar of Mia together.

This calendar is available within my Zazzle shop.

With an undeniable fantastic wardrobe, Mia, a very fashionable Bichon Frise poses for every month of the Calendar year. Mia rings in the New Year in disco style followed by posing on a lip shaped sofa for Valentine's Day. She finds herself under the rainbow and next to a pot of Gold for St Patrick's Day. Easter finds Mia in her best frock surrounded by decorated eggs. May's flowers entice Mia to sunbath on her pink blanket. June is picnic time with Watermelon and picnic ants. July sees the Patriotic side of Mia dressed in Red, White, and Blue. Dressed in her bikini, Mia catches the last of the summer's sunshine under the palm trees and next to the ocean's waves. September she shows her team's colors. Surrounded by scary pumpkins, Mia is costumed in her very cute Lady Bug outfit. Who doesn't love the sock monkey? Mia LOVES her sock monkey bed and shows it off in November. December, Mia is waiting for Santa drenched in red feathers. Spend the year with Mia, and spread the Bichon LOVE!

Please contact me if you would like your pet to be photographed by me, or to have a custom design created for you.

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