Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rocky - Our Rescued Red Doberman - Day at the Park

Took advantage of the sunshine today by taking Rocky out to Hasselroth Dog Park. While there we met a friend from our last event "Paws in the Parking Lot", Dutchess a beautiful Chocolate Labrador. Dutchess had her picture taken by me the same day we adopted Rocky. So, it was a pleasure to run into her again with her owner. We also met Skyler, a Border Collie and a Black Labrador that Skyler lives with. Please forgive me, I've forgotten her name. If you are the owner and you are reading this blog, please drop me a note to remind me of her name. And last but not least, Max...Maxine a beagle that kept all the dogs on their toes. Max is all about playing. To see all the photos I took today, click on over to my Photoreflect Photo Session Site

You can find more dobermans photos at Fine Art America.

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