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Saturday, October 31, 2009

AAVENGE - Pittie Perfect Holiday Photo Contest

Calling all Pretty Bullies out there.... AAVENGE (Animal Abuse and Violence Ends Now through Greater Enforcemant) is sponsoring the"Pittie Perfect Holiday Photo Contest" beginning on November 16th and ending December 19th.

Photos may be taken to or mailed to Happy Dog Bakery 1628 15th St Place Moline, IL. 61265. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and your dog's name with each photo. More than one dog can be in each photo, one photo per household please. Photos will not be returned. Since it is the holiday season, use some creativity and keep the spirit of the season in mind when you are submitting the photo. Please remember that this is a photo contest for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. The committe reserves the right to decide if we feel a photo that is submitted is truly that of a pit bull or a pit bull mix. Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, bull terriers and American Pit Bull Terriersall fit into the bully breed category.

All photos will be displayed on a bulletin board at Happy Dog Bakery. Each photo will be numbered and there will be a corresponding numbered container. To vote for your favorite pittie, place any amount of money in the corresponding container of your favorite dog. The dog whose photo collects the most money will be the winner. The first place winning dog will be featured in the 2011 AAVENGE pocket calendar.

The owner of the winning dog will receive a ribbon and a gift basket courtesy of Happy Dog Bakery and AAVENGE. The basket will include gifts from various retailers including a gift certificate from Frankz Paw Printz. Second and third place winners will receive a ribbon. If the dog has come from a rescue AAVENGE will donate $25 to the rescue organization. If you have any questions, please contact Allison at Happy Dog Bakery, (309)764-0990 or e-mail us at

We are doing this to promote the breed and help break the stigma and negative reputation that those not in the know like to assign this wonderful breed.

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Rocky - Our Rescued Red Doberman - Day at the Park

Took advantage of the sunshine today by taking Rocky out to Hasselroth Dog Park. While there we met a friend from our last event "Paws in the Parking Lot", Dutchess a beautiful Chocolate Labrador. Dutchess had her picture taken by me the same day we adopted Rocky. So, it was a pleasure to run into her again with her owner. We also met Skyler, a Border Collie and a Black Labrador that Skyler lives with. Please forgive me, I've forgotten her name. If you are the owner and you are reading this blog, please drop me a note to remind me of her name. And last but not least, Max...Maxine a beagle that kept all the dogs on their toes. Max is all about playing. To see all the photos I took today, click on over to my Photoreflect Photo Session Site

You can find more dobermans photos at Fine Art America.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paws in the Parking Lot - RIACC

What a great event! Rock Island Animal Care and Control held Paws in the Parking Lot today. It looked for a while that the weather wasn't going to be with us, but it cleared up and all who came had a wonderful time. The RIACC adoption center ended up with 11 animals going to new homes. As a matter of fact, I adopted a beautiful Red Doberman named Rocky. He couldn't be more wonderful. Who ever gave this beautiful 2.5 year old dog up for adoption had put a lot of work into him. Not only is he housebroken, he follows commands beautifully. His temperament is wonderful....even to the point of getting along with our 6 pound Chinese Crested.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dog-O-Ween 2009 Hosted by B100 & Star 93.5FM

Today brought a GREAT turn out at the Southpark Mall here in Moline, IL for the 2009 Dog-O-ween hosted by B100 and Star 93.5FM. We had 128 dogs and I took over 600 pictures....whew!
Hop on over to to view all the dogs and while you are there pick your favorites for:
1) Scariest Dog
2) Cutest Dog
3) Best Dog / Owner Look-a-Like
After you have chosen your favorites go on over to Star 93.5FM to place your votes

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