Friday, February 5, 2010

St Patrick's Day - Happy St Pitties Day - Pitbull - Petey

Seems I'm already working on the next holiday. This is Petey, a too cute Pitbull that I thought was so adorable when I photographed him during Dog-O-Ween 2009 at Southpark Mall. He was my inspiration for this St Patricks Day design.

I think you'll agree Petey is perfect. Please make sure you jump over to my Zazzle store to check out all the products I made for this one.

  • Click on the Zazzle link
  • Go to the right side navigation
  • Click on Holidays
  • It will open up to reveal all holidays
  • Then click on St Patrick's Day
  • It will open up to reveal all St Patrick's Day designs
  • Click on Happy Pitties Day

Here's the original photo that I took Petey's picture from.

Isn't he just pawsitively adorable?

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