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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AAVENGE April Showers Doggie Wash 2010

Thanks to all who attended the AAVENGE April Showers Doggie Wash hosted at Happy Dog Bakery. Even though it was a gray day that threatened rain....we had no worries due to plenty of room inside Happy Dog Bakery. Dogs were bathed, nails clipped and PAINTED...the girls had a rainbow of colors to choose from...then when they were all dolled up, I had the pleasure of photographing them! Here are just a few...but if you want to see the whole photoshoot...just click my Photo Gallery. Then if you want to see products using these pictures, click over to AAVENGE April Showers 2010.
Proceeds from this fundraiser went to AAVENGE and the Rock Island Student Council.

This is Archie. He is a mixed breed dog being fostered by Allison and is up for adoption to the right family. Archie was the life of the event showing everyone all the tricks he knows and showing off his frisbee skills. Lucky family that gets this pooch!

See photoshoot at

This is Carson a too cute West Highland White Terrier. We first met Carson at the photoshoot we did at Teagarden Pet Salon for the holiday portrait week we did there in 2009.

See photoshoot at

This is Evil...perfect name for this rambunctious Long Haired Chihuahua. We got some great shots of this cutie!

See photoshoot at

Meet Taz a Chocolate Dapple Dachshund. This little guy sure knew how to pose for the camera.

See photoshoot at

Here's Taz again with his partner dude Teal a French Bulldog.

See photoshoot at

And Tigger...this was an AAVENGE dog that found a forever home last year. We were so happy to see him again at this event!

See photoshoot at

This is Romeo a beautiful Pomeranian that is owned by Natalie Tolomeo from CBS.

See photoshoot at

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mecca Pit Bull Rescue

After being asked by Mecca of Mecca Pit Bull Rescue to create a logo using one of her dogs, I came up with this design. The featured dog is Jersey Girl, a 1 year old American Pit Bull/Terrier mix that weighs about 50 lbs and is currently up for adoption. She has been fully vetted and spayed. To inquire about adopting Jersey Girl, please email Mecca. Mecca Pit Bull Rescue is a very dedicated rescue service locate in Wisconsin.To get more information, just click over to Mecca Pit Bull Rescue.

See product items at*

To see all the products available with this design, please visit my Zazzle Store. You'll find everything from mugs, sweatshirts, magnets, to stationary, postage stamps and binders.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers Doggie Wash

Come spend your Sunday with us at Happy Dog Bakery for a special fundraising day benefitting AAVENGE and the Rock Island Student Council. Bring your leashed pet with you for a doggie wash.

We'll have lots of food like Hotdogs, Chips and brownies.  AAVENGE will have their new t-shirts available....possibly even some tote bags.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please send an eMail.
If you would like to donate a raffle gift, please send an eMail

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

City of Moline - Gone to the Dogs Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Again, we had perfect weather for the dogs to get their Easter Egg treats. This was the City of Moline's 1st ever Dog Easter Egg Hunt held at Greenvalley Dog Park. I got some great photos of the dogs while they were waiting for the hunt to begin. To see the entire photoshoot visit my Photo Gallery. Lots of great crowd candid shots!

Here are a few for you to see:

This is Lilly a 1 year old female beagle.
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

I took lots of shots of this little yorkie puppy. This puppy to a liking to one of the largest dogs at the hunt ... a gorgeous grey Neopolitan Mastiff. I got some cute shots of them playing together.
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

This little Corgi got to the hunt just in time....loved her tutu!
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

Here is Snoop the Neopolitan Mastiff.
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

We had lots of beagles....this one just wanted to play and play.
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

Who can resist this Easter Puppy?
City of Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

Don't forget to stop by my Zazzle Store to see the cute products the photos from this event created.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

City of Moline Gone to the Dogs Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Cityof Moline Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt 2010

Co-sponsored by Moline Park and Recreation Department and Happy Dog Bakery

Why should parents of two-legged children have all the fun when Easter rolls around? Moline Parks and Recreation is hosting their first ever Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt! Dogs and their owners are invited to sniff out egg shaped treats. Plastic eggs contain prize numbers. Every egg contains a doggie treat with some also containing special prizes. Egg hunters should bring their own basket or sack to collect the eggs.

Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. A prize will be awarded to the canine wearing the best designed bonnet.

I'll be there, set up to take portraits of your pet in their Easter Best!

Date: Saturday, April 10

Time: 12:30PM...Registration begins

1:00PM...Gone-to-the-Dogs Egg Hunt begins

Location: Greenvalley Dog Park, 60th St. & 70th Ave.

$2.00 donation


Dogs must possess an up-to-date rabies tag/certificate

Dogs must not be aggressive

Dogs must be kept on a leash during the event

Owners must stay with their dogs at all times

Canine water stations & scooping bags provided

Photos that I take on this day will be available in my Photo Gallery. Feel free to go there and add your email in to receive announcement when photos are posted!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

HSSC - Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

For a while it looked like the rain was going to squash the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt, but at the last minute the rain stopped and opened up a beautiful sunny sky. A little chilly and a little windy, but that was not paid any notice once the hunt began.

We had a great turn out for the Humane Society of Scott County event and I was able to take a boatload of photographs. 10% of our sales will be donated to HSSC. If you click over to my Photo Gallery, you can view the entire photoshoot. Here are a few to give you a taste....

Chilli - Golden Labrador
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Coco Chanel - Yorkie
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Daisy - Golden Labrador - Check out her pink nails!
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Rocky - Shih Tzu
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Ruffles & Riley - Shih Tzus
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

SambaPaTi - Rottweiler
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Vada - German Shepherd Puppy
HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Thanks to Kim Kline Smith for her help by handling the on-site printing of the photographs.

Just a little while ago, Kim alerted me to the fact that QC Online did a write up of the event and that we were written about in it.

HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Easter egg hunt goes to the dogs
Posted Online: April 03, 2010, 8:33 pm
By Anthony Watt,

There were treats to be had, and the treat hunters meant business.

"Go ahead and line up!" said Pam Arndt, executive director of the Humane Society of Scott County as she stood on a small step ladder among scores of dogs and more than 200 people Saturday afternoon at Davenport's Lindsay Park.

"Large dogs, small dogs," she said. With each category of canine she motioned with her hands in another direction.

"So the big ones won't trample the little ones," Ms. Arndt had explained a few minutes before.

At 1 p.m., she shouted, "Go!"

A wave of people and dogs rolled forward into the flat grassy field, looking for the egg-shaped dog biscuits that were the prize of the Humane Society's annual Doggie Easter Egg Hunt.

There were big dogs and little dogs. There were shaggy ones and short-haired. They nosed forward through the fresh spring grass, gobbling the cookies they found.

Many of the human participants were dragged along behind their eager pets. Others managed to keep control, guiding their animals to the treats.

Encouragements filled the air.

"C'mon! Keep looking," one owner said. "Are you hunting?"

"Find the treats," said another.

Some people gathered armfuls of the treats so their pets could have them later, and there were plenty to go around.

Ms. Arndt said there were hundreds scattered through the grass.

"They are from Happy Dog Bakery," she said. "They made them especially for today."

The event began at 1 p.m. Within five or six minutes, there was not a treat to be seen in the grass.

Off in a corner, dog portraits were being taken. The animals were dressed up with bunny ears and pale yellow bandanas

The owners and photographer Renae Frankz tried valiantly to hold short canine attention spans long enough to get off a few good shots.

They called the dogs' names, made smooching noises, waved, snapped fingers and dangled treats.

They appeared mostly successful in getting doggy eyes and ears pointed in the right direction long enough to get a picture.

Kristin Harrington was out with Fritz, one of her adopted greyhounds. She has been to dog Easter egg hunts before, but Saturday was her first time at the Scott County Humane Society's event.

"Fun. Lots of fun," she said of the hunt. "Greyhounds are my thing, but I like seeing other breeds, too."

She and Fritz had gotten about ten cookies, though the lanky dog had not eaten any at the park.

"He never eats treats he gets while he's out," Ms. Harrington said.
"Saves 'em for later," Ms. Harrington said.

HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2010

They even took a picture of me....I think that's the 1st time someone took a picture of me taking pictures of the dogs!

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